Interior designing plays a vital role to enhance the interior of your building and homes to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasure environment using the space.  We (DC group) are known as the best Interior designers in the field due to our innovative and creative designs we design for our customers for their houses and work places. The services we provide in the Interior designing includes flooring (marble or tiles), coloring, furniture, wooden cabinets, Glass cabinets, false ceiling (POP, wooden, PVC) kitchen cabinet with accessories and chimney. We use best quality material i.e branded as well as ISI marked.

Coordination Process

During any project of interior designing, the coordination of the trades is an integral part of the process, especially with respect to the mechanical and electrical trades, as well as the customer and us. We coordinate with the workers on daily basis  and the clients, time to time for updates and any changes if happens with the project designs or anything.


Kitchen is a place where most of the time women spend in a day. So, it has to be beautiful designed and innovative.

A kitchen reflects the personality and style of yours. If you want to know how organized a person is, just have a look at their kitchen, you will get your answer. If you are planning to renovate your home, don’t forget to upgrade your kitchen as well. Because as we said before, kitchen reflects your class and living style. There are number of accessories in the market that can be used to upgrade your kitchen at reasonable prices. We (DC group) promise our clients to convert their ordinary kitchen into a high quality modular kitchen at the budget they decide.


Before you begin planning a new kitchen, here there are somethings you should take care before you begin the design:

  • Family setup: If you are living in a joint family with eldery people and children, then the storage cabinets must be at lower levels.
  • Accessories that can be mostly helpful for you.
  • Stocking patterns.
  • The budget.

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